• OMS Practice Sales
  • Practice Valuations
  • Transition Consulting
  • Associate Recruitment
  • Partnership Formations (Including Restructuring and Consulting)
  • Assessment of Prospective Associate/Buyer Opportunities
  • Partial Interest Sales
  • Buy-In Plans
  • Partnership Dissolution Strategies

Brady Price & Associates

Oral Surgery Practice Transitions

Buying and Selling your OMS Practice

When you work with Brady Price & Associates, you are working with the most experienced OMS practice broker in California. We have helped over 300 clients realize their dream of buying or selling their practice, and work exclusively with oral surgeons.

Whether you are just in the preliminary stages of a transition from private practice to retirement or are about to complete your residency and looking for an associate position (or somewhere in between) we can help you facilitate the transition with the following services:


Frequent Inquiries

I want to retire but I’m not sure where to start.

We can help you explore all available options and structure a comfortable transition plan that ultimately leaves your practice in good hands, and allows you to fulfill your dream of retirement.

I am nearing the end of my residency, and not sure whether buying a practice or joining a partnership is the right decision for me.

There are many options available to residents starting a career in private practice, and we are familiar with all of them. We can help you decide whether a purchase or associate position is right for you, and then help you explore viable listings.

I already have a buyer, but I need practice valuation services and guidance through the process of selling my practice.

We perform practices valuations (and nearly all of our services) à la carte as well.

How are contracts written, formed, and reviewed?

We have “form” documents which have been reviewed by numerous independent attorneys and utilized in multiple transactions, others are sent out for writing or interpretation by independent firms.

How do you handle partnership formations?

Partnership formations are one of our specialties. We understand how tricky they can be, and can help all involved parties achieve an agreement that they are comfortable with to avoid future conflict.

Can you help me find an experienced dental practice attorney and/or accountant?

Yes!  We have a curated list of attorneys and accountants with whom we have built great working relationships around the country – as Brady Price & Associates is not a law firm or provide legal/tax advice, we refer clients to them as needed or requested for legal & accounting services.